hoof is a groundbreaking social media platform dedicated to football, offering innovative ways to create unique football content and discuss the game we love. hoof is a zero-tolerance platform against any forms of abuse within the game and online, creating a safer and more enjoyable space for all fans.

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home of online football


Immerse yourself in the biggest stories and conversations surrounding football. Discover unique perspectives and engage with other fans like never before.

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Customise your hoof profile and pick your favourite teams to connect with likeminded fans and find personalised content.

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Unleash your inner pundit with hoof’s integrated football features and take the discussion to a higher level. Equip yourself with our innovative post tools and make engaging content for your followers to enjoy.

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Stats hub

No longer will you have to use multiple apps to find the stats that you want. hoof provides a fully integrated stat database with everything the modern football fan needs.

The players tab in the stats hub

Players and clubs

Find out everything you want to know about your favourite player or club without ever leaving the app. All the information you could ever want, right here at your fingertips.

An example player stats screen for Kylian MbappéAn example club stats screen for Manchester United

Stat cards

At hoof, the emphasis is on elevating discussion. Post stats within the feed using our interactive stat cards to make those compelling points when discussing the beautiful game.

The create stat card screenAn example stat card for Lionel Messi


Don’t let the analysis stop there. Utilise our intuitive comparison feature to pose new ideas, create debate, and answer the burning questions in football.

A screen comparing the stats of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo



The only football app you’ll never have to leave. Find the tables from the biggest leagues around the world.

An example table for the 2020-21 season of the Premier League

Scores and in-game stats

All the scores, all the stats, all the games. Follow minute-by-minute updates and catch the moments that matter. Then move to the feed where you can share every fixture using our interactive card system.

A screen showing upcoming fixturesAn example match page



Think you know better than the gaffer? Use hoof’s integrated line-up tool to share what you think the lineup should be. Whether it's for Arsenal’s upcoming fixture or the best ever Premier League XI, create the lineups you want to see.

An empty line-up in the create line-up screenA full line-up in the create line-up screen

Zero tolerance

Tackling abuse

For far too long, racism and discrimination have been accepted as normal on social media and within the football world. It's time for change. hoof is a zero-tolerance platform committed to providing a safe and enjoyable space for all users. By combining a unique moderation approach and partner strategy, hoof is dedicated to this mission.

Our approach

hoof will take proactive measures to ensure the health of the platform. These include:

  • Effective messaging across the platform from us and our partners
  • Event-specific monitoring
  • Instant pre-screening of posts
  • Clear and effective banning and reporting system
An empty line-up in the create line-up screen